Before she can tell him where, she got shot and killed

Before she can tell him where, she got shot and killed

Shut Up, Hannibal!: Perhaps a more minor example, as Charles was not really a major villain, but Karl lays into him good at the end when he talks pervertedly about his friendship with Frank. Stating the Simple Solution: A man who owns a repair shop spends hours trying to figure out why a small engine won’t start. Karl then points out that it doesn’t have any gas. Straight Gay: Vaughan, played by the late John Ritter, who once played a man acting like he was gay. Averted with Albert Sellers, who despite having only a couple of lines, surely shows his personality. Trademark Favorite Food: Karl loves him some French fried potaters and biscuits with mustard. He’ll also take a couple of cans of that Potted Meat, if’n you have any ex try, mm hmm. Tranquil Fury: From the moment he states his intentions to murder Doyle, right to the moment he hacks the lawnmower blade into his head and waits for the cops after calling them, he’s perfectly calm about the situation. Verbal Tic: Karl’s guttural tone, and his use of “Mmm hmm.” Wham Line:Doyle: What are you doing with that lawnmower blade?

Flashbacks: Teenage Miles, his fiance Emma, and his friend Bass form a threesome in town just before Bass and Miles have to report after enlisting. While Miles is passed out drunk, Emma and Bass make love. She wasn’t a combatant like most other characters, but she didn’t hesitate to get in Big Bad Monroe’s face and call him out on his actions. She also attempted to make an honest appeal to his better nature. It didn’t work, but he did admit that he wants to be the person she remembers so badly. She was his girlfriend at one time, so it gave them a special connection. Then, when he tried using her as a hostage, she didn’t panic. In fact, she ended revealing that she gave birth to his son at some point in time and sent him away. Before she can tell him where, she got shot and killed. She had a major impact on Monroe from beginning to end. Heroes Want Redheads: Emma Bennett. Back in the day, she was Miles Matheson’s highschool fiance. Then she ends up revealing that she cheated on him with Sebastian Monroe and gave birth to Monroe’s son. Innocent Blue Eyes: Emma Bennett has “purity of soul” blue eyes, with a little green mixed into them. Morality Pet: Emma Bennett in the episode “Home” acts as this to Sebastian Monroe of all people. While she wasn’t able to get him to stop trying to kill people, he did prove that there is a measure of humanity left in him and that he doesn’t enjoy being a Big Bad guy. Her death really got to him, and the fact that she had given birth to his son and sent him away some time ago eventually causes him to experience a Heel Realization. Stuffed into the Fridge: Sebastian Monroe intends to do this to Emma Bennett, Miles Matheson’s highschool fiance, to get to Miles. She gets killed off by the Georgian soldier Dixon in front of Miles and Monroe, traumatizing the two greatly. Miles, because he worked so hard to save her life, and Monroe, because he just found out that she gave birth to his son and she got killed off before she could tell him where the son is. We Hardly Knew Ye: Dixon and Emma Bennett were introduced in this episode and died in this episode too. Your Cheating Heart: Emma Bennett cheated on Miles Matheson with Sebastian Monroe when they were only teenagers. She gives birth to Monroe’s son as a result.

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