Conway has violated the Standards of Conduct and aaa replica

Conway has violated the Standards of Conduct and aaa replica

Cummings support ethics office opinion that Conway likely broke rules

replica wallets Kellyanne Conway walks in for a meeting with parents and teachers in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on Feb. 14. replica wallets

best replica designer bags In a Feb. 13 letter to White House Deputy Counsel Stefan Passantino, OGE Director Walter M. Shaub Fake Handbags Jr., wrote that Conway’s comments appeared to be “a clear violation” of federal ethics rules that bar replica handbags china federal employees from using their public office to endorse a product. best replica designer bags

“Under the present circumstances, Replica Bags Wholesale there is strong reason Replica Designer Handbags to believe that Ms. Conway has violated the Standards of Conduct and aaa replica designer handbags that disciplinary action is warranted,” he wrote.

best replica bags online [Letter urging investigation of Conway] best replica bags online

replica bags from china Shaub added that the ethics agency has not been notified whether the White House has disciplined Conway, even though press Replica Handbags secretary Sean Spicer said she was “counseled” after she promoted Ivanka Trump’s brand on Fox News. replica bags from china

White House officials did not respond to requests for comment. Conway declined to comment.

best replica designer House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R Utah), who last week called Conway’s comments, “absolutely wrong, wrong, wrong” replica bags and asked OGE to recommend disciplinary action, called on President Trump to follow the agency’s advice. best replica designer

replica bags china “I appreciate the quick response from OGE and hope the White House heeds their recommendation,” he said in a statement. replica bags china

best replica bags That was echoed by Rep. Elijah E. But the letter from Shaub steps up the pressure on the White cheap replica handbags House Counsel’s Office to disclose whether it took any action in response to Conway’s remarks. Shaub asked Passantino for a response by Feb. 28. best replica bags

[White House says Conway has been 'counseled' after touting Ivanka Trump's products]

The episode began when Conway appeared on “Fox Friends” Feb. 9 from the White House briefing room and addressed efforts by activists to get retailers such as Nordstrom to stop carrying Ivanka Trump items.

The government has high quality replica handbags many ways to surveil “What I can say Handbags Replica is there are many ways to surveil each other now, unfortunately,” including “microwaves that turn into cameras, et cetera,” Conway told the Bergen Record in an purse replica handbags interview Sunday. “So we know that wholesale replica designer handbags that is just replica Purse a fact of modern life,”Conway told ABC’s “Good Morning America.” READ THE STORY Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post

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“I’m going to give a free commercial here,” she added. “Go buy it today, everybody. You can find it online.”

Shaub noted in his letter that Conway’s remarks closely resembled a hypothetical example in the federal regulations of the kind of endorsement of a private product that federal employees are barred from making.

buy replica bags online “Ms. Conway’s actions track that example almost exactly,” he wrote. “Therefore, I Fake Designer Bags recommend that the White House investigate Ms. Conway’s actions and consider KnockOff Handbags taking disciplinary action against her.” buy replica bags online

replica designer backpacks But OGE has little recourse if Designer Fake Bags the White House declines to take any disciplinary actions, as Shaub noted in a separate letter to the House Oversight Committee. The ethics office can merely issue a “nonbinding” recommendation and inform Wholesale Replica Bags the president if an agency is failing to discipline an employee. replica designer backpacks

“However, such notice would be ineffective in Replica Bags this case because any decision replica handbags online not to take disciplinary action will have been made by the President,” Shaub added.

replica bags online Government watchdog groups said that they have little expectation that Trump will levy any punishment, Designer Replica Bags noting that Conway was following his example of publicly promoting private products. (The president and vice president are exempt from the regulations governing the use of public office for private gain.) replica bags online.

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