He may not be indestructible, but his optimism is

He may not be indestructible, but his optimism is

This game provides the example of Amusement Park: The fourth level takes place at a carnival. Balloonacy: If The Count grabs a balloon, it will carry him to a bonus stage. Big Fancy Castle: The Count’s Castle, which serves as the eighth and final level of the game. Bubbly Clouds: The bonus stages take place in the clouds, where in The Count must solve a math problem to get the number he chose. This can involve simply finding the number hidden in a box, adding or subtracting the numbers to get the right one, or adding or subtracting the number of items in a jar. First Town: The first level takes place in Sesame Street. Green Hill Zone: The second level takes place in the forest. Life Meter: The bats are the life meter. Plot Coupon: Collecting enough of the desired number or things that add up to that number will allow you to advance to the next level. Prehistoria: The seventh level takes place in a prehistoric jungle, complete with dinosaurs. Space Zone: The fifth level takes place on the moon. The lack of gravity makes The Count jump twice as high. A Winner Is You: Your reward for beating the game is to watch The Count watch the fireworks, which take the form of numbers, from the balcony of his castle. The Wild West: The sixth level takes place in a western town.

Changing of the Guard: From Newton Crosby and Stephanie as the main human protagonists to Ben and (eventually) Fred. Characterization Marches On: Ben graduates from a Chivalrous Pervert Funny Foreigner to a three dimensional protagonist Funny Foreigner between films. Chekhov’s Skill: Too many to list, most notably Johnny’s magnet and remote control. Chrome Champion: Johnny’s makeover in the epilogue of Short Circuit 2. mated with an Academy Award. Colonel Bogey March: As Number Five reprograms the robots at the roadhouse, he’s whistling it. Confessional: At one point in the sequel, Johnny rolls his way into a church confessional. He gets chased away by the priest, who assumes he’s a telepresence device, and tells the “person on the other end” to come to church personally if he wishes to confess. on a brick wall. Creative Closing Credits: The first movie has a recap of the story behind the end credits http://themumbaifest.com/tamara-ecclestone-refuses-to-stop-breastfeeding-her-two-and-a/, including several Deleted Scenes (like the one with Number Five and a coffee cup bearing robot). Cute Machines: Number/Johnny Five is intended as this, of course, but the little Johnny Five toys take the cake. Notable in that Johnny’s appearance changes shortly after his accident, to differentiate him from the other four prototypes and make him look slightly less sinister. He loses an apparently useless box on the top of his head and an armored cowling over the little blinky light thing that he uses to talk. He also keeps his “eyelids” open, giving him an innocent, wide eyed look in contrast to the other robots, who keep their eyelids closed, leaving only a slit to see out of, which makes them look like they’re scowling or frowning. Darker and Edgier: Part II had some pure nightmare fuel moments. Such as Oscar and his gang destroying Johnny 5 and leaving him for dead. Then there is the fact that Part II was the one movie where it looked like his life was really in danger. Decoy Getaway: Dr. Crosby’s NOVA van happens to have enough spare parts for SAINT robots that Number Five builds a decoy. NOVA blows it up at the end of the first film, with everyone thinking it’s the real Number Five. Determinator: Johnny 5 takes a lot of abuse in both movies, but always dispenses justice and emerges with a nonsensical catch phrase and good attitude. He may not be indestructible, but his optimism is. Disney Death: Lampshaded, then averted. Dissimile: Fred explaining that he didn’t “lose” Johnny Five. He just “misplaced him, y’know? Like your car keys.”Ben: HOW ARE YOU MISPLACING A 700 POUND CAR KEY.

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