If you want to stretch the tradition into an overnight stay

If you want to stretch the tradition into an overnight stay

‘Samuel Jamison, 2 socks. Mrs RPV Wilson, 1 pair socks. Mrs Noblu Kelly, 4 pairs ‘Juuies Gilbrealb, 1 pair socks. Although the definition of CD has undergone minor changes since 1970,3,4 consensus definitions have been restricted to CD. However, the scientific community has come to recognise that there is a spectrum of disorders related to gluten ingestion.Due to a lack of common definitions for the spectrum of terms and disorders related to CD, a multidisciplinary task force of 16 physicians from seven countries with particular expertise in diagnosis and treatment of CD proposes the following definitions for the variety of vague and often confusing terms currently in use in the literature. These definitions are based on thorough literature reviews (table 1), a discussion in Oslo at the 14th International Coeliac Disease Symposium in June 2011, and agreement on consensus statements by a web survey and phone conferences.

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