In their opposition, there is consensus: Padmavati’s release

In their opposition, there is consensus: Padmavati’s release

This isn’t the first time the decade old outfit has locked horns with Bollywood in the name of Rajput pride. In 2008, it was Jodhaa Akbar, targeted for depicting Jodhaa as Akbar’s wife. Nine years later, it’s Padmavati. “The three minute trailer gives us an idea of what the film is about. That is enough to express dissent,” says Kalvi who hasn’t seen the film and doesn’t trust Bhansali to show him the final theatrical cut. “Deepika (Padukone, the heroine) is a nalayak (stupid). She challenged us, saying the film will be released at any cost. The UP, MP, Gujarat and Punjab governments have also refused to allow the release of the film until the objectionable material is removed. At the time of writing, Maharashtra and Telangana too were contemplating a ban. In their opposition, there is consensus: Padmavati’s release is a threat to law and order as it will hurt Rajput sentiments.

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