Of course, a Talking Animal (speech impaired or otherwise) and

Of course, a Talking Animal (speech impaired or otherwise) and

But things start to get weird when throwing anthropomorphism into the mix. Of course, a Talking Animal (speech impaired or otherwise) and their relatives like the Nearly Normal Animal and Partially Civilized Animal, being rather normal animals otherwise, can easily get by without their lack of pants or shirt ever getting questioned, but it gets even weirder when talking about animals that are more or less treated or act like people. A Civilized Animal and Funny Animal can still get away with being naked, due to them still retaining their animalistic shape, but then we get to Petting Zoo People, who, rather than keep the shape of their respective species, have a much more humanoid body frame. A nude Borderline Petting Zoo Person might get a pass as they still retain some animalistic qualities and they don’t look too humanoid, but a straight Petting Zoo Person not wearing clothes can range from looking mildly awkward to being stranded in the Uncanny Valley, depending on how humanoid they look.

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