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Courtesy of Viva Mayr – Continue Reading BelowPhoto: Courtesy of Viva MayrIf you’re currently patting yourself on the back for finishing up that requisite New Year’s juice cleanse (bravo), how about raising the bar with a whole week devoted to detoxing every inch of your body? Whereas most people’s idea of a relaxing spa vacation involves fluffy white robes and never-ending self-indulgence, the famed Viva Mayr clinic in Austria is leading the way for a new trend in beauty retreats. Rather than the typical spa menu of mani-pedis, facials, and mud baths, Mayr’s treatments include colonic irrigation and kneipping, which involves bathing your extremities in very hot and very cold temperatures in order to increase circulation.Related: ELLE Editors Try Fad Diets So You Don’t Have ToCourtesy of Viva Mayr – Continue Reading BelowPhoto: Courtesy of Viva MayrThe philosophy? It seems that Mayr is out to prove that beauty is not skin deep, but rooted in overall health. (The U.S.-based Canyon Ranch chain has a similar M.O.). Therefore, the treatments offered at the center

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