Shantae’s personal theme song is titled “Dance Through the

Shantae’s personal theme song is titled “Dance Through the

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Wholesale Replica Bags Shantae, originally for the Game Boy Color, and later re released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Its story is thus: One day, the evil pirate captain Risky Boots raids Scuttle Town with her army of Tinkerbats and steals the Steam Engine, one of the creations of Shantae’s Gadgeteer Genius Uncle Mimic. With it, she plans to build an enormous machine which she can use to take over the world in order to do so, she needs the Four Elemental Stones. It’s up to Shantae to track them down before she does. The only game in the series to not be published by WayForward themselves; it was instead published by Capcom. A sequel called Shantae: was released on Nintendo’s DSiWare service for the Nintendo DSi on October 4, 2010. This time around, Risky has her sights set on a magic lamp recently unearthed by Mimic. Despite failing to prevent its theft and getting fired as the town’s guardian genie, Shantae vows to recover the magic seals on the lamp and prevent Risky from using it herself (trailer here, soundtrack trailer here). In early September 2011, WayForward released a teaser e mail implying that a Shantae title would soon be released on iOS devices, which was later revealed to be a port of. A Steam release of was released on July 15th, 2014, followed by a GOG release on October 2015 on PC. Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, a released October 23, 2014, starts off with Shantae adjusting to her new lifestyle when Risky reappears. Due to the events of, 20 of Risky’s Tinkerbats have gained magical powers turning into Cacklebats, overthrew Risky and plan to resurrect her former mentor, the Pirate Master. As per usual in situations like this, Shantae and Risky must join forces and defeat the Cacklebats to prevent this from happening. An International Co Production with Inti Creates. The game was released for both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, with a Steam release on April 2015, followed by a GOG release on February 2016. Shantae:, the first HD installment in the series, which was successfully funded via Kickstarter and Paypal, reaching nearly It’s the first Shantae title to be released on all major home consoles of the eighth generation, as well as PC (through Steam) and the Play Station Vita. Like Pirate’s Curse, it’s co developed by Inti Creates. Although more of a spin off than a main series title, Wayforward also made Watch Quest, a Mobile Phone Game designed for the Apple Watch. Shantae’s personal theme song is titled “Dance Through the Danger,” which includes lyrics about how unfazed she is by the threats she faces. All Anime Is Naughty Tentacles: When describing the Dribble Fountain boss to her uncle in her Character Blog. Shantae: I had to fight a huge slimy tentacle monster like in your anime shows. Oh so gross Wholesale Replica Bags.

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