The dancer mimes his answer, laying a finger moncler outlet

The dancer mimes his answer, laying a finger moncler outlet

Vegas Pharmacy Search in Jackson Case

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (CNN) Police executed a search warrant at a Las Vegas moncler sale online pharmacy Tuesday morning in connection with moncler outlet woodbury the investigation into Michael Jackson death, a source cheap moncler sale familiar with the investigation told CNN.

More than a dozen law enforcement officers, including federal drug agents, were seen inside Applied Pharmacy on Flamingo Road in Las Vegas.

The warrant is part of the follow up to searches of the home and clinic of Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson personal doctor, last month in Las Vegas, the source said.

The warrants used for those earlier searches which were filed in a Clark County, Nevada court imply that investigators looking into Jackson death cheap moncler coats mens believe the singer was a drug addict.

The warrants, signed by District Judge Timothy Williams and given to cheap moncler jackets CNN by Las Vegas affiliate KTNV, say that is probable cause to believe that the searches would uncover evidence at Murray home and office of excessive prescribing, prescribing to an addict, prescribing to or treating an addict and moncler outlet online manslaughter.

They cite cause to believe that the premises contained shipping orders, distribution lists, use records relating to the purchase, transfer ordering, delivery and storage discount moncler jackets of propofol (Diprivan). source told CNN last month that Murray, a Texas based cardiologist, allegedly gave Jackson the anesthetic propofol commonly known by the brand name Diprivan in the 24 hours before he died. Murray was with Jackson on June 25 when he was rushed to UCLA best moncler jackets Medical Center in Los Angeles and when he was pronounced dead, according to Murray lawyer.

A source involved with the probe into Jackson death has told CNN that investigators found numerous bottles of prescription drugs in his $100,000 a month moncler outlet store rented mansion in Holmby Hills, California.

The items taken from Murray home included copies of his computer and cell phone hard drives. They were to be turned over to the Los Angeles Police Department, which is leading the investigation into Jackson death June 25 at age 50.

A and comprehensive report into the death of Michael Jackson is complete, the Los Angeles County coroner office said Monday, but police have requested that the report not yet be released because of the ongoing investigation.

The coroner office said it would abide by the request that cause and manner uk moncler sale of death remain confidential, and referred all questions to the Los Angeles Police Department.

I think they have to follow the drug trail, because it could tie in many more people. Murray may not be the only one involved. This process is going to take some time because it is a multi state operation. Maybe even multi national. There will be legislative reform because of this case. It just MJ trying to make the world a better place.

Jim Moret is in the area moncler sale TM I guess he done went and found moncler sale outlet what I found, at least I think I found Him. Process of elimination and a good eye for new concrete filler around the crypt. Guess the guy who in maintence didn lie after all TM.

Back to the other. It does apparently seem that this is going moncler womens jackets deeper than just 1 Doctor. I can see why the process has been so slow for all of us to grasp in our heads. I cannot say anything about Michael and all this supposed drug use, but fact is, this idiot in his capacity as a medical and licensed Dr.; and only a Dr., can or shouldn have distribute(d) any Rx drug, did the unthinkable by agreeing to administer this drug and who knows what else to a human being, in cheap moncler jackets mens a private home.

Looking at the building with the oh so glamorus painted windows advertising their pharmacy, makes me wonder how well qualified this idiot really is. He is history. no pun intended via Michaels other tour or video. I didn hang around for the whole thing with Moret I was actually leaving when they parked. He sure doesn like it when you say anything about him looking like his father, but he was good about it. Ad no, i didn smell anything coming out of any cment and marble exterior.

February 17, 1983 article that is included in Rolling Stone Commemorative issue:

Michael is questioning a dancer he knows about the recent crises of a fallen superstar. Michael want to know what the problem is. The dancer mimes his answer, laying a finger moncler outlet sale alongside his nose. Michael nods and translates for his friend: Cocaine.

Michael admits that he seeks out such gossip and listens again and again as the famous blurt out their need for escape. he says. totally understand.

addictions are another thing. I always want to know what makes good performers fall to pieces he says. always try to find out. Because I just can believe its the same things that get them time and time again. this is tragic i hope moncler outlet any doctor or enabler involved is prosecuted.

the media wants to portray michael as something he wasn he wan a joke, the way the media and some pople treated him was a joke. he had to deal with alot give him a break.

he seemed like a good person judging by his speeches and humanitarian efforts and he was CRAZY talented. and he is missed, so give him so respect

I still believe, as do many in Michael family, that he was, in fact, MURDERED, and that all of this Diprivan/Manlslaughter speculation is just part of a very sophisticated cover up. moncler outlet Michael was murdered by one or more of the poeple all set to now cash in on his death.

The modern day phenomenon/syndrome, wherebye the largest Mega personalities, who happen to die early like Michael, Elvis, Marilyn, James Dean is by now, in 2009, well known by EVERYBODY who is the least bit savvy about modern media culture. Therefore MANY people around Michael were all too aware that his death cheap moncler jackets womens would make them rich.

Also, If anyone out there agrees with me, and would like to discuss it, and/or have uk moncler outlet any ideas on how to get this protest going.

I am an office manager at a gyn. office. I do the precerting moncler online store for all surgerys and testings. The only organizations making money in healthcare are the insurance companiesand the drug companies. These organizations are determining what a doctor can and cannot do for their patients. These organizations are giving a 23 hours in the hospital for hysterectomies and double masectomies. Patients are spending huge amounts of money for testings that are necessary for them and spending huge amounts of money for deductibles. The people that work for any type of government, including local, have great insurance. These people don have to worry about paying huge deductibles and co pays, but the majority of people in this great country do not have that option, me included. As a two time breast cancer patient, I know what kind of money I pay to hospitals and doctors because of the inadequate insurance I have from my spouses employer, which moncler outlet prices by the way, is a huge corporation. I feel that the healthcare system does not need to be fixed as much as the health moncler usa insurance companies and the drug industry needs to be stomped on and stomped on hard! I should not spend 45 minutes on the phone with these people just to get a denial for a needed breast MRI from doctors who obviously can work with patients so they work for these insurances. I am very angry to see people in an uproar at these town meetings. Yes, this is a great country. But it is not a great system.

I take issue with you right now, Shelby.

I have lived in the Los Feliz moncler uk outlet area for over 30 years and my family is buried at FL HH. I have a right to go where I please. I came in here to give some insight to what is REALLY happening here. the eyes do not lie, but the media does.

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