Well Intentioned Extremist: Shep Ramsey

Well Intentioned Extremist: Shep Ramsey

One Winged Angel: General Suitor, but you don’t see just how extreme it is until the climax. But you catch a glimpse of it at the beginning. It seems to happen only when he gets injured, as we saw him got his hand cut off and later stabbed in the chest. Pac Man Fever: Ramsey playing what is supposedly a space shooter at an arcade but is quite visibly After Burner (which has nothing to do with space and aliens, at all). (This also leads to an in universe example of idiocy: Ramsey somehow thinks that an arcade console in the middle of a bunch of other arcade consoles being played by kids is somehow real. An interstellar supersoldier has never heard of a simulator?) This could turn into Fridge Brilliance if Shep thinks that the kid is piloting a remote controlled drone and the screen shows a computer processed version of the drone’s view. Or Fridge Horror if kids on Ramsey’s world are seemingly trained Ender’s Game style. Pointy Haired Boss: Charlie Brewster has one that’s the Glad I Thought of It variety, with a generous helping of Professional Butt Kisser to his Japanese clients, played by the trope’s reigning master, Larry Miller. Running Gag: There are two. A girl with a cat up a tree;. and Shep’s encounters with a mime. Shout Out: To quite a few sci fi classics, such as when Ramsey asks if his next mission will be a “bug hunt with creatures that bleed acid.” Smarter Than You Look: As shown in the Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking quote example above http://fluffycharm.net/historically-low-interest-rates/, Shep initially thought the three burly and thuggish looking neighbors who confronts him were going to undergo the “thug” cliche reaction of beating him up for moving their race car, however, instead Reality Ensues as they stated they’re planning to, if benign and more reasonable in comparison to what Shep thought they were going to do, sue him for the offense rather then resort to violence in contrast to their appearances. These Tropes Were Frozen Today: The Index Namer. Those Two Guys: Two of the thugs that follow Ramsey to Earth. Well Intentioned Extremist: Shep Ramsey, He nearly kills two teens for almost running over Charlie’s son, unintentionally beats the crap out of a Mime under the belief that the Mime needs his help, and his general helping Charlie’s family around the house. Wrong Genre Savvy: See the aforementioned Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking and Smarter Than You Look entries.

A sequel had been announced for release in 2012, was pushed back to 2013, then not brought up again until late 2014. The game’s protagonist was to be Killian Samuels, an air marshal who was on a plane that happened to be abducted by the same exact light that takes Tommy. He was to wake up on an alien world named Exodus several years later, knowing that he somehow managed to become a bounty hunter during that period but has no other memories of that time. He would convinced himself he’s was the only human on Exodus. until he was to run into Tommy, who apparently knows him. The game was to feature an open world environment, and the ability to take on bounty hunting missions for cash. Unfortunately, in October 2014, Bethesda officially announced the project was cancelled. You can see them squirming around in the weapon’s organic “magazine”, occasionally glaring at you through the transparent membrane. The little critters appear to be quite versatile, considering the gun’s primary fire is a very powerful missile launcher while its secondary mode creates a short lived organic gel barrier in front of Tommy that blocks enemy fire for a couple seconds. Tommy: Huh. That’ll make a mess.

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